WinnerGear Montar Promo

WinnerGear has hired UCY Films to create an extraordinary promo-video for the WinnerGear Montar car mounts. Initially, the complexity of the task lied in the unique creative idea, which can impress the viewers and the precise reflection of this idea in the video.

Due to substantial efforts of UCY Films team, we managed to create a realistic video that combined the actually shot footage and the 3D-animated part and presented the car mount functionality from the unusual and witty perspective.

4shared Music Promo

What is 4shared Music? It is a great app for people, who are really fond of listening to music anywhere and anytime. 4shared Music is easy-to-use: you can stream your favourite tracks, create, manage, share and save playlists in the cloud for further access viartually in a click. The app is 100% free for all users.

4sync Photo Features

How to use 4sync photo features? It is effortless to save all taken photos in one’s personal cloud and sync them between all devices via 4sync. Similarly, it takes a click or two to share any photos from a 4sync account with others in social media.