Care Plus pharmacy videos

We craete a lot of videos for all Care Plus pharmacies in Ireland



Essence Prototyping Company trailer

The prototyping company “Essence” hired the UCY Films team to produce the exclusive promo video. The complexity of the task lied in the client’s requirement to create a mix of a promotional video with an explanatory one that overviewed the main company services and core benefits.

Our main goal for the “Essence” project was to produce a well-structured eye-catching motion video, which would deliver a substantial amount of information within a short time frame.

Upon the development of a precise video concept and the careful script writing, we have moved on to the animation of the engaging 3D graphics in the video and then, the video editing part.

As a result, UCY Films have managed to come up with a dynamic and informative stylish promo video that met all client’s requirements and expectations.

Finance Business Service promo video

FBS ( is one of the prominent companies that provide professional legal services and assistance to business and startup owners in different industry sectors in terms of offshore investments, international real estate deals, heritage capital consultancy, etc.

Video: produced by UCY Films.

EPOM Ad Server for Networks Promo

Epom Ad Server for Networks is a cutting-edge solution, which allows businesses to simplify their ad serving routine and maximize ad profits.

Epom Enterprise Solution Promo

Epom ad serving company has released a promo of its Enteprise Solution for advertising networks and agencies.

Video: produced by UCY Films

4sync for Android Promo

What is 4sync of Android? It is a user-friendly application for Android, which enables to store all important files in one’s secure cloud storage and sync them between all devices for further access, download, management and sharing. 4sync for Android is free for all users.